Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tell Me Thursday #11

1. What movie do you love but are too embarrassed to admit you love it?

I don't really watch movies but am obsessed with cheesey TV shows.  Recently I watched 40 episodes of a teenage drama called "Make it or Break It".  Now I am watching "Friday Night Lights" which is almost respectable.  Last year I watched all of "Lost" on my streaming Netflix and I am thinking about watching it all over again.

2. Ann wants to know: How far do you drive/travel to attend trials, clinics, lessons? How far is too far?

I don't drive very far to trials because honestly what is the point of driving 5 hours to end up in last place in Utility B?  I'll only drive 1 1/2 to serve as OTCH fodder.

I don't go to seminars or clinics anymore because they irritate me.  Almost everything irritates me.  Maybe I need to stop drinking so much beer.

Lessons, on the other hand, lessons.  My last lesson that I took I drove 16 hours (each way).  It was worth it.  I've driven over 12 hours (each way) for lessons at least 2 dozen times in the past 6 years.

3. What is your theme song (circa Ally McBeal)?

When I am uneasy I hum "I'm in the Mood For Love".  Loudly.  So that is the annoying sound you are hearing as I unpack my crates at a trial.  Is there a deep, disturbing psychological reason for this?  You be the judge.

4. Laura S wants to know: If you had to choose a new dog activity, one that you had never done before, what would you choose?

Whatever the hell Norton would be good at.  Last year I tried herding with him.  He galloped merrily around the sheep until they stopped and looked at him.  Then he too stopped and stared at me.  The herding instructor deemed his herding instinct at ~zero.

Maybe we will try free style.  I like to wear costumes, make up silly stories, and hop around.  Maybe I will start a new dog sport that combines free style with stand up comedy.  Then we can suck at that too.

5. What would your dog choose (or scribe, if you're Pippin)?

Norton - eating ice cream on the sofa and killing rodents
Victor - eating anything including underpants, socks, poop, and rodents
Olive - agility!
Secret - marathon cuddling


  1. Hi Robin!

    My grandma had a Keeshond when I was younger, which means I had one part time since I was over her house all the time. They're very cool dogs!

    I use a TON of food in training, which might eventually cause issues. For example, in the two hours of lessons we took, Layla went through a whole pack of hotdogs plus a good amount of string cheese. That's 8 hotdogs plus cheese in 2 hours. Ugh. That's why we're starting some things where she gets rewarded when food ISN'T there. One of the things was to have her sit in front of me while I'm seated. I'll have food sticking part way out of my mouth, then suck it back in (think spaghetti from Lady & The Tramp). As soon as she's about to break her sit/stay and offer another behavior (or get pissed and walk away), I spit her the food. The theory is to get her to amp up her attention when the food disappears. We'll see how that goes :)

    I look forward to reading your blog. There's a local lady who does agility with her Keeshonden and I love watching them. From what I can tell, they're like Malamutes in the way that when they're good they're very very good but when they're bad...well, let's not go there.

  2. I tried to comment last week and google was being stupid. But I'm able to now! I got a cackle out of your theme song, and Norton's herding instinct at zero. LOL! Same with my Ginger (not a border collie). She one time went out around the sheep... brought them to me... and then stopped and said, "this is stupid." That was the end of that.