Monday, September 5, 2011

First 2 OTCH points

Sunday I earned my first 2 OTCH points EVER!  Thanks to Secret...

It was a small outside show.  We lost a runoff to our "arch rival" Anita and Aspen.  We've been in so many runoffs against Anita...I can't even count.  But we never win when we're up against Aspen...

because she is a heeling machine!

It was a highly controversial Utility B situation.  Both Anita and I flunked on signals but were allowed to re-do our signal exercise when it was decided that the golden that came before us had fouled the ring right at the signal spot. 

Olive did better than she did yesterday but she still went for the #2 glove.  Guess she doesn't quite get the concept yet.   It was cooler than yesterday, but still nasty little bugs were swarming. 

My couch to 5K training has apparently done nothing to eliminate back fat.  Will need to start doing some different exercises to get rid of those unattractive lumps if I am planning to continue tucking in my shirt.

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