Thursday, September 15, 2011

TMT #9

1.       If you're not at the 2011 Sheepdog finals this weekend what are you planning to do?

Show Olive and Secret at an obedience trial.   I entered Olive this weekend before experiencing her extremely dismal performance over the Labor Day Weekend.  It will be interesting to see if the cooler weather helps make the run better.

2.       One item you NEVER walk onto the trial field (any trial field, or training class will suffice) without?

Scent articles.  I am obsesssed with Utility right now.   I am also obsessed with my scent article bags.  Like fashionable ladies are with their fancy designer purses.

Secret's article bag has a picture of her on it.


Victor's bag is made from an old tuxedo shirt and is very formal.  Because that is how he is.


Norton's bag has a cheese theme coz he LOVES cheese.


Olive's bag has a martini theme because I want to drink heavily after I show her.


All of our article bags were custom made by Susan Naffziger from Albany, IN.

3.       Katy wants to know if you have a pre-run ritual that you observe?

Go to the bathroom 50 bajillion times.  And I have to go RIGHT BEFORE I walk in the ring or things get really scary.

4.       How old were you when you had your first real kiss?

I don’t remember when or who.  Isn’t that sad?  It was a looooonnnnggggggg time ago.

5.       Bonnie wants to know what you do for yard mud control during the winter?

I can't wait to hear what other people have to say about this.  The backyard is a mud and rock mountain.   Any kind of covering ends up at the bottom of the hill after the first rain.  So our solution is to walk the dogs on leash in the front yard.  I like knowing the status of winkies and dookies anyway.  And Norton jumps over the 4’ chain link fence in the back.  Does anyone else have a backyard that is too sloped for mulch/straw/gravel?

The evilness that is the backyard:


  1. Those bags are so cute! Cute dogs too ;)

  2. Ok, explain the scent article bags?!?! I know nothing about them, other than that they're cute based on your pictures!